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We are passionate about providing excellent representation for our clients. Therefore, if you have suffered any damages to your home, or been injured in an accident, it is important to understand the benefits you may be entitled to receive. In addition, if you need counsel regarding a business transaction or business dispute, we can offer an experienced staff of attorneys to represent and guide you.

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Residential Property Claims

When your home is damaged, the variety and intensity of emotions can be overwhelming. People respond differently to the stress...

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Fire & Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

A fire can be a particularly frightening and often devastating experience. The destruction of property and memories is often complete,...

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Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Hail can be a nuisance or it can be downright dangerous, but one thing is constant – it is liable...

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Water & Flood Damage Insurance Claims

Water can cause devastating damages to a home. The effects of water can be abrupt and obvious, such as during...

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Sinkhole Insurance Claims and Coverage

Sinkholes usually occur when the bedrock close to the surface erodes and leaves a cavity underground. When the pressure on...

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Restaurants Insurance Claims

The restaurant industry is notoriously tough, and anyone who can successfully run a restaurant business has proven themselves capable of...

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Hotel Insurance Claims

If you are the owner of a hotel or motel, there are various insurance issues for you to consider. Hotel-motel...

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Hurricane Damage Claims & Coverage

A hurricane can be a frightening and frustrating experience for a homeowner. Even Florida homeowners with plenty of experience can...

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Condominium & Community Association Insurance Claims

If you are the manager or a member of the board of directors for a condominium or community association, you...

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Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance replaces lost income in the event that a covered loss stops or slows-down your business. There is...

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Commercial Property Insurance Claims

When a major loss occurs, the first instinct of most business owners is to try to get their business back...

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